As the days get longer and the heat returns to Lubbock, you may be thinking about how nice it would be to have your pool opened. However, anyone who has a pool knows how hard it can be to get a pool opened and ready for swimming. Opening and closing a pool is one of the largest undertakings you assume when you get a pool, whether it is above or in-ground. If you are planning your summer parties, cookouts, and pool parties, it is time to start thinking about opening your pool and getting it ready for the long, hot summer days. Pools West in Lubbock, Texas, offers a variety of pool services, including pool opening and closing.

Before you jump into the water, there are several things that need to be done. Our trained technicians in Lubbock can come out and help you open your pool and get it ready for all the summer fun. This includes removing your winter cover, all winterizing plugs and items, light your pool heater to test it, fold and store water or other weight bags and covers, and screw down your anchors. If you have handrails and ladders, we can also help you reinstall these. We can also get you set up with a pool water test to ensure that your chemicals are at proper levels and you can jump in the water safely.

Pools West in Lubbock, Texas, is here to help make sure that you are able to get in your pool as soon as possible. From taking off the cover to ensuring the safety of your pool, we are here from start to finish! To get on the schedule for one of our pool openings, please contact us today. We are ready to get you swimming!