As fall has begun and we are looking forward to cooler temperatures and shorter days, it is time to start the process of closing your pool. Summer was long and hot with record-setting high temperatures, and your pool likely got a lot of use! Pools West offers pool closing services near Lubbock, Texas, to help you get your pool winterized and closed before the first freeze of the season. We know that when your pool season is over, it is over. Additionally, many people are busier than ever in the fall with school things like sports, travel, and extracurricular activities. You may not have the time or help to close your pool! This is where Pools West in Lubbock comes in. 

From now until early November, Pools West offers pool closing services near Lubbock. When you call us to close your pool, we take care of everything for you. Our team cleans your pool, balances chemicals, treats the water for winter, puts on the winter cover, and winterizes the equipment for your pool. In unpredictable conditions like the ones we experience in Lubbock and its surrounding areas, it is vital that your pool is ready for whatever comes this way. Between now and next summer, the likelihood that we will encounter all sorts of weather events from snow and ice to dust storms. Make sure your pool is ready to go for the winter.

Pools West in Lubbock, Texas, offers pool closing services near you. Our goal is always to help you keep your pool in the best shape possible. We work hard to ensure that your pool will be ready to go come next summer. Take advantage of our services as soon as you can so you can beat the cold weather! Get in touch with us today to learn more about Pools West’s closing services in Lubbock.